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GEGI development started in 2006 by a small educational institution that was in a need of a fast, reliable, flexible and affordable student management system. The institution already had a small internal team of developers who created Attendance and Grade system; however this was not enough, as the institution expanded its campuses, programs, etc.

Institution faced the following challenges – how do we cut such expenses as wasted time on manual labor, paperwork, double entries, compliance and reporting without incurring high fees? How do we synchronize, streamline and optimize processes of all departments (including Marketing, Admissions, Compliance, Financial Aid, Outreach, Accounting, Placement, etc) for effectiveness and efficiency?

None of the systems available on the market seemed to offer what the institution needed. Thus, decision was made to re-invest resources into new technology department and creating suitable system.

GEGI became a system that adapted to all needs and changes of small / medium school that is growing and expanding together with ever changing regulations and compliance requirements.

There was never a plan to make this system available to others. However, GEGI became so sophisticated that logical step was to move further and become available to others who experience the same demands.

GEGI Team consists of the same key engineering and executive team that is involved actively in academic and administrative operations of the educational institution. This allows GEGI to be on top of all changes and new updates moving and expanding it’s capabilities as the demands of the industry are asking.

Our Mission & Goal

  • To cut costs associated without extra financial burden by improving administrative procedures such as: marketing & leads management, admission, financial aid, billing, attendance, grading, transcripts, placement, reporting, support, etc
  • To access information from anywhere there is internet connection
  • To stay in compliance with regulators
  • To keep synchronized and updated student data: folders, files, forums, etc
  • To allow electronic information sharing: library, documentation, required forms, etc