Lead & Student Management Module

Configure Leads Management Process

Customize & create information, data and procedural steps that are associated with the process of the lead entering the system (manually/automatic) → to student → to an alumni. Configure “Lead” statuses (Lead, Contact, Prospect, etc). Setup checklist for your admission and lead tracking team.

Configure Cohorts & Groups

Create and Manage your cohorts & groups where your prospects will eventually enroll into.
Specify their unique characteristics.

Data Entry

Add your leads to the system either automatically or manually, assign them to an admission advisor, add any data associated with the lead.

Review & Track Leads & Marketing Data

Each lead will have his/her own profile, complete with pre-enrollment data (marketing), communication, all past, present and future appointments, documents (submitted, needed, etc), etc. Review number of leads per program, per admission advisor, per lead source, etc.

Management Data

This module will help users and managers streamline processes associated with lead and student management.

We offer an ability to set up mandatory steps within the process of lead management to insure the effectiveness of student life span: from the lead to enrolled, enrolled to graduate, alumni and more.

With this system and this module the ability to lose a lead is minimal.

GEGI reports for marketing purposes are easily available and can be set up depending on the institution’s processes. Among many reports we currently have built in reports on Lead Conversions, Gender/Program, Leads Universal, etc.