We offer clients Free Trial and Premium versions.

Premium Version

Smaller schools find our only pricing plan very convenient; larger schools love to save on costs with us. Schools that are in process of expanding also benefit from our pricing plan.

To make things simple for our clients we offer no distinction between small/medium/large educational organizations.

We charge 8 dollars per billable student – this includes such cool features as: free 500 SMS messages per month, 750 GB file storage, mobile apps, branding and backups.

Other features, such as e-Signature starts at $199 per month for up to 500 packages, additional storage is 10¢ per GB per month, additional SMS messages are 2¢ per SMS.

Free Trial

GEGI Free Trial is intended to showcase the system.

The goal with free trial is to be transparent and allow the users to see and feel what we offer.

Please note the Free Trial is not a demonstration of what the system is, but a showcase of some of our support modules such as enrollment, lead management, education and grading.

Free Trial is for those who never used any system and worked exclusively with excel sheets, manual folders, etc.

Free Trial is also for those who used other systems, however are not satisfied with the system (too large, too small, not intuitive, etc), with the high cost, set processes in place, etc.

The Free Trial is extended to serve the institutions for 6 months.

With the Free Trial users can:
  • Create an education institution in the system / add existing one
  • Manage leads
  • Enroll students
  • Take attendance
  • Record grading

At any given time:
Users may upgrade to Premium version as well as contact us at